Gotta Love California

Brief Update:  about two weeks ago we shot the second Seasons Greetings Pilot.  We were fortunate to be able to shoot at the 6th Annual Behind the Lens Award in honor of Spike Lee, whom we got to interview!!!.  My only regret is that Chris was unable to join us  I’m sure he’ll be kicking himself when he sees the final episode!  But either way this is going to be a great show but now the real work starts: Post!
Seasons Greetings: Charles Whitman

SG: Charles and Spike Lee

Me & Charles: Having fun on the Red Carpet

Immediately following L.A. I hopped down to Puerto Vallarta for a much needed vacation and to continue filming for Deadhorse.  But suffice it to say, that was a much needed trip, I’m now quite rested and thoroughly sun burned.

Deadhorse: Jim Langkamp in Puerto Vallarta

Me in PV


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