Dead Edit

For much of the Summer Mike has been the main editor for Deadhorse.  In part because I have been occupied with side projects, and because we both realized that since Mike only shot about 20% of the film he is a bit more objective than I am.  (I still intend to do the fine cut as well as all the FX in the coming months.)

Anyways, Mike showed me the latest cut last night and Wow! What a difference!  The previous cut was rather long and awkward but this one flowed very well.  It repeatedly comes back to just simplifying the story.  There’s just so much footage and so many characters that it was quite unwieldy at first but now it’s narrowed down so much tighter.  We really have enough material for a few movies so we’re already talking about how to utilize some of these extra scenes.  There are a few things in the works, but we’ll probably end up doing something web-based.

Aside from Deadhorse, we have taken on a number of other projects, some under the guise of Bonaventure Media, including a promotional video for the Cook County Jail Ministry which I spent a day in L.A. shooting for last week.  I’ll post some pics as soon as we import the tapes.  The video is going to be a lot like what The Dutch Mafia was originally intended to be: a 15 minute tribute video.  This time around we are painstakingly simplifying everything to fit in that time.  LikeFountain Of Life though, CCJM has an extensive history and we could make a feature out of this but that’s out of the question.

We should also have some updates on Seasons Greetings fairly soon so stay tuned.

Just a reminder, you can find out more about Deadhorse at the official website: