Pomp and Circumstance

Without giving away too much, I would like to tell you a bit about our adventures in Washington.  Mike, Charles and I did venture east for all the hoopala surrounding the inauguration of our new President.  I really wish I had been at the last two inaugurations to at least have a point of comparison.  The closest thing I can compare it to was spring break in south Florida except that it was below freezing.  D.C. was party central.  I have never seen people party with such abandon.  Even Chicago on election night wasn’t quite like this.  I really wish I could fast forward four years and see what people think then.

The next Seasons Greetings episode will be up and online soon, and the show we shot there for Comcast will be aired this week as well so you’ll get to see it all for yourselves.  At that point I will probably post a more detailed blog telling of all the behind the scenes fun.


We also have a few more updates as well to announce.  The new BonaventureMedia.com site is up and ready for business.  If you’re getting married, performing on stage, have a song you want to make into a music video, have a new product to sell and so on, Bonaventure Media is here to fulfill all of your multi-media production needs.

Also we now have “Miracles of Grace” online for all to view. please check it out at cookcountyjailministry.com or on youtube.

And we have finally begun compiling the webisodes for Deadhorse.  No promises but they should be up at the beginning of March.



So Fly, So Done!

Amat the Great’s latest  music video is complete!

After months of squeezing post production in between other projects it’s finally out!

watch it here!

For those that are interested in the back story, we shot this in three days in Atlanta in October while shooting for “The Prime.”

I’m not going to say anymore because you’ll get to see all the behind the scenes in the premiere episode of “THE PRIME.”  Which should be out shortly.