Prophecies and other Portals

In Los Angeles last year, as you can witness in the Seasons Greetings: LA Pilot, we met this kid on Hollywood Boulevard from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Charles chatted with him and we shot a little sequence with him there on the sidewalk.  As we left, Charles randomly commented (again, on tape) that after this episode in LA our next stop was to be VA.  In reality our plan was to shoot the next episode either in Atlanta or somewhere in Europe.  Neither of which ended up happening because we decided to develop a new show called “The Prime,” which was shot in Atlanta To make a long story short, through some friends we were given an opportunity to have unprecedented access to the 2009 Inauguration.  We were given only a few weeks notice but we managed to pull off our best episode yet. Interestingly, our first stop was Virginia, and the rest is history.

The latest and greatest Seasons Greetings Episode is now online and ready to view I hope you all enjoy.

Our modus operandi for the the show, until further notice, is to format it as 10 minute made-for-the-web episodes.  And this latest episode is #1.

* * *

We are also launching a new web portal to host all our shows called ARX TV.”  Among the other shows is the newly formed “Arx Independent News” and “The Prime.”  We have one episode left to finish and then the DEADHORSE Web Series will also be hosted there.

Until Next Time…



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