Mitt Romney on the Olympics – Political Update – Comcast Network


With the election upon us, I managed to find this interview I shot with Governor Romney in 2009 for Comcast CN100’s Political Update:


ArxTV Featured on the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC


The summer of 2011 one of our videos was featured on MSNBC (I just now found the online link):


For the original Video:

Seasons Greetings – Washington D.C.: Wintertime (Episode 004)


Behold the most epic Seasons Greetings episode ever:


Chris and Charles reunited, take on Washington D.C. on the Eve of Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration for the greatest Seasons Greetings adventure to date. Watch as Washington D.C. transforms into a crazy party town rivaling spring break in Miami’s South Beach, as the whole world comes to Celebrate this historic event.

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Tax Day Tea Party – ARX TV NEWS


Hundreds gather to protest President Obama’s fiscal plans:

April 15, 2009

Apparently Rick Santelli’s now-famous rant on CNBC sparked something. ┬áThis event was all over Fox News but when I watched their coverage later that night there were almost no interviews featured. ┬áHere are some more in-depth interviews from that day.