This One Goes up to Eleven

Today is Arx Axiom’s 11th Birthday.  According to this and other statistics we’ve beaten the odds.  There’s a line from “2046” one of my favorite films from Wong Kar-wai  the protagonist summarizes a Chinese proverb: “When you don’t take “no” for an answer, there is still a chance you’ll get what you want” and that’s probably the best advice I’ve gotten through this experience.  Tenacity.  Determination.  Persistence. Stubborn refusal to acknowledge the downside.  Just don’t give up,  that’s the only way to make it in this crazy business.



The first things we shot as a company:


EricB handcuffed TMF.jpg



This was our first video camera:




Some of the friends we made along the way:










This was the makeshift editing suite I assembled to work on our films in 2005:


There have since been some upgrades.


…and moved from here:

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 2.02.59 AM.png

to a couple blocks and about 1000 feet up:


We have a ton of people to thank. Family mostly, friends who have stuck with us through thick and thin and all the clients and associates who have worked with us, trusted us and given us a chance. You know who you all are and we thank you.

To the next eleven years…



The North


We had the not-so-uncommon-problem of documentary filmmaking of having far more potential story lines than could be fit in one to two hours.  So taking a cue from all the movies that have spin-off TV shows following the original film we figured that we’d jump the gun and create the spin-offs before the movie.  Just a little insight into how this (The Deadhorse Chronicles) is going to go:  we have at least 40 episodes planned so far with about half of them done already and we will be releasing one every week on andYouTube…barring Obama taking over the internet. 😉  We will begin our story in Alaska on the Arctic Circle, but we will jump back and forth through time and all over the country and maybe even Mexico.  Our hope is that you the regular viewer will come to love these characters as much as we do and perhaps better prepare you for the upcoming movie.


Arx Axiom is now on Twitter.  We will be posting all the latest news on Deadhorse as well as our whereabouts as we run around the city shooting various projects.  Maybe you can track us down and meet one of us.  Heads up:  we will be at one of two places tonight, Either at the Midwest Independent Film Festival Premiere of “Being Bucky” or at the WLS 890 AM Town Hall Meeting with Congressmen Danny K Davis and Peter Roskam…or both.


Also I can’t forget to mention that my brother Nate Leslie has a new album out:  “Whose Fault the Grammar.”  I’ve always liked his music but this album actually has me hooked, I have been listening to it non-stop for weeks.  That doesn’t usually happen to me.




* * * *

Prophecies and other Portals

In Los Angeles last year, as you can witness in the Seasons Greetings: LA Pilot, we met this kid on Hollywood Boulevard from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Charles chatted with him and we shot a little sequence with him there on the sidewalk.  As we left, Charles randomly commented (again, on tape) that after this episode in LA our next stop was to be VA.  In reality our plan was to shoot the next episode either in Atlanta or somewhere in Europe.  Neither of which ended up happening because we decided to develop a new show called “The Prime,” which was shot in Atlanta To make a long story short, through some friends we were given an opportunity to have unprecedented access to the 2009 Inauguration.  We were given only a few weeks notice but we managed to pull off our best episode yet. Interestingly, our first stop was Virginia, and the rest is history.

The latest and greatest Seasons Greetings Episode is now online and ready to view I hope you all enjoy.

Our modus operandi for the the show, until further notice, is to format it as 10 minute made-for-the-web episodes.  And this latest episode is #1.

* * *

We are also launching a new web portal to host all our shows called ARX TV.”  Among the other shows is the newly formed “Arx Independent News” and “The Prime.”  We have one episode left to finish and then the DEADHORSE Web Series will also be hosted there.

Until Next Time…